Good Friday Dive – Eastbourne

Day One – Good Friday


  • Guy
  • Steve D
  • Jeremy
  • Elliott

First dive – HMS Gambra depth 24 m, bottom 28 m   Second dive drift – bottom 24 m

Day Two

Guy Steve B Bob First dive UK L wreck

Second dive drift


Day Three


Guy catches a plaice for supper!
Guy catches a plaice for supper!
  • Guy
  • Bob
  • Steve B
  • Elliott
  • Emma
  • Nash

First dive – Oceana.

About the wreck

This P&O Liner, built in 1888, was on her way from London to Bombay in 1912 when she collided with Pisagua, a 2850-ton German four-masted steel barque.

She was carrying general cargo plus a fortune of gold and silver ingots, 40 passengers and 210 crew. Most of the ingots were recovered by a diving salvage operation, although one was found in 1996, as sand/gravel moves and uncovers/covers various sections.

The boilers stand about 6m above tangled wreckage. The wreck can be dived only at slack water (about 30 minutes) due to the strong tides, which mean there is usually good visibility.

Second dive – drift 30 m

Day Four