Learn to dive

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Fancy learning to scuba dive?

Great – you’re in the right place to take scuba diving lessons!

Scuba diving is an adventure open to anyone and we train people aged 18 or over.

BSAC has long been in on the secret of how exciting our seas are to scuba dive – our members have been taking scuba diving lessons and safely diving, exploring and enjoying Britain’s seas (and many other places around the world) for 60 years. Join us!

You’ll be in good company, BSAC’s President HRH The Duke of Cambridge is a keen BSAC diver. In the June issue of SCUBA (BSAC’s member magazine) The Duke wrote: “Just like my grandfather and my father, I am proud to say that I learnt to dive with BSAC, and share your passion for the sport and the underwater world.

“I hope that one day my son, George, will also experience the wonders that snorkelling and scuba diving have to offer.”


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