BSAC Pool Guidance Covid-19

Dear All 


We hope that this email finds you well. 

Over the last few weeks, BSAC has been working closely with Swim England, other industry partners, DCMS and Sport Recreation Alliance in anticipation of the re-opening of swimming pool facilities and leisure centres. Detailed guidelines have been produced in collaboration with these organisations to cover a safe return to swimming pool facilities.

The earliest possible date for reopening of these facilities in England is potentially on or soon after Saturday 4th July 2020. This date is open to change from the Government, but it is hoped that this will be achieved. Dates for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are still to be discussed but the same guidance can be used following your own Government advice.

We wanted to give you prior notice that this will be happening so as a Club you can start to think about it and also discuss with your local authority / swimming pool contact   You can find the guidance here

In the meantime, I would also just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you as a Branch Officer and to your Club for supporting BSAC through this challenging time. You have all been amazing and I hope as time moves on and restrictions are lifted, we can slowly start to be able to do more diving.

Many thanks again and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Kind regards

Mary Tetley 

Sub Aqua Club