Channel Diving & Covid19

Channel Diving & Covid19


Channel Diving will be resuming Diving Operations from 20th June onwards.

We will only be taking Clubs & Full Groups for the remainder of June.

Individual Diving will resume from the beginning of July – Individuals Dive List

Due to current Government guidelines & 2mtr social distancing we will be carrying a maximum of 6 divers on any trip.

If you have suffered from Covid19 and want to continue diving it is recommended that you have a Diving Medical & Chest X-Ray to ascertain the extent of damage done to your lungs & possibly other organs.


Please check the link below, I have also copied and pasted the Conclusions from the report below.


SARS-CoV-2 viral infection has a great potential to affect swathes of the general population, including divers. At present, details of the way in which the virus affects the lungs and other organs are only just beginning to be understood, and knowledge in this area is evolving rapidly. However in the light of what we currently know about the changes that are being seen on CT scans, it is clear that as well as taking immediate steps to prevent SARS-Cov-2 viral infection as outlined above, other medical investigations may have to be performed to keep the diver, his buddy, and their dive team safe during recreational dives. As knowledge of the hazards posed by the virus increases, so recommendations for divers may have to be altered. Any diver who has been exposed to SARS-Cov-” virus, or been infected by the virus, would be well advised to seek the advice of a diving medical physician before resuming diving


If you have had Covid19, Due to the potential high risk of suffering a diving incident we deem it too high a risk for you to go diving, also the risk to your dive buddy, your fellow divers onboard & the skipper & crew.

So if you have had Covid19 please do not book on any dives with us until you have been checked out and given the all clear to continue with your diving, Onboard we have a Pulse/Oximeter to check blood stats & also a Temperature Gun for reading body temp.

Boat Charters fall under the Governments Guidelines for Outdoor Recreation in Private areas.

All Diving Trips should be classed as R.I.B. dives, travel light & only bring onboard the gear you require for the day.

Please adhere to the BSAC rules outlined in the Boat-Diving-Charter-Boats pdf.

Boarding/ Loading Equipment

  • When diving from Brighton Marina please park on the West Jetty ramp & to the right hand side off the hatched area, there should be trolleys at the top of the ramp on the bridge for you to transport your equipment down to the boat, if not then I also have a trolley down next to the boat.
  • Contact Premier/Brighton Marina 01273 819919 to let them know you are going out diving on Channel Diver and that you are parked on the West Jetty whilst you unload dive equipment. You need to give them your vehicle details so they can tell Security and too avoid getting a parking ticket.
  • Do Not load equipment down to the boat unless you see me on the boat & do not leave equipment on the pontoon walkways.
  • Only loading directly from your vehicle to the boat is permitted
  • After you have loaded your equipment please park in the Multi-Story Car Park which is FREE ALL DAY.
  • It is recommended to wear a face covering at all times when loading dive equipment from car to boat, whilst at sea & boat to car.
  • 2mtr Social Distancing throughout the Marina & onboard Channel Diver.

Dive Deck Layout

  • Divers 1, 2, 3 & 4 get ready first and into their dive gear, divers 5 & 6 should be out of the bench area and putting suits on.
  • Divers 5 & 6 should only be getting into their dive gear when divers 1 & 2 are fully kitted up with mask on & regulator in their mouths and ready at the dive exit.
  • Once Divers 1 & 2 are in the water then other pairs can exit as and when they are ready.
  • On divers return to the boat you must keep your mask on and regulator in your mouth until you are seated back down on the bench.
  • Make sure you de-kit as quickly as possible to make way for other divers getting back onboard.

Whilst on the Boat

  • There will be NO drinks or snacks supplied, please bring your own supplies for the day.
  • There will be No mask buckets on deck for rinsing masks, please bring defog or equivalent.
  • There will be hand sanitizer on deck but please bring your own as well just in case we run out.
  • The diver shelter area will still be useable with 2mtr distancing, however the wheelhouse is strictly out of bounds.
  • The heads/toilet will be available if absolutely necessary. If used please wipe down all surfaces touched with the spray detergent supplied.
  • Hot & Cold water & Soap is available in the toilet for hand washing.

Charter Confirmation & Payments

  • Always phone 7-7.30pm the night before to check the weather is good to go, once confirmed please make payment if not done so already.
  • All payments to be made by BAC’s transfer to Steve Johnson Acc No 27688660 S/C 30-94-63

Thank you for your understanding and we do hope to see you onboard again soon.

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