My first sea dive. – Stephen Badenoch

Eastbourne 8th April 2018

My first sea dive after becoming an ocean diver!

The first thing that hit me when I jumped into the water was how cold it was , despite all the kit I was wearing!(7 degrees)

My goal from the start was to remain focused and put all the skills that I learnt in the pool to good use in the sea!

I held on to the shot line and eased my way down, keeping my buddy insight at all times, until we met the sunken wreck!

Finally, it was now time to let go of the shot line and begin an experience of a lifetime !

By this time, I had forgotten how cold the water was…………….

It was nice to swim about and gaze at the star fish, the crabs and little fishes that all seemed to be asleep in the home they made from the wreck.

It was also good to implement the skills that I learnt to meet the challenges that came on the dive.

For instance, like having to purging my regulator as water enter my mouth triggering a panic but remembering to try to keep calm! Also, maintaining focus at different depths to keep my buoyancy and monitoring my air supply, as the dive progressed.

When we surfaced, we were all cold but no one was detered by this as we sat eating sandwiches with a hot drink and looking forward to the new top dive!

“sorry for the long narrative but I could not restrain myself in the confines of just one paragraph with an enormous experience like that!

Thanks again for being there for me and helping me to take that first step or leap forward in my quest to be a better and safer scuba diver.

My journey has just begun but I can see why we maintain regular practices and how we can never stop learning as we known what challenges lay ahead of us!!!!

Many thanks.